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CDV: Mother and Baby

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Mother and Baby, c. 1860-64

CDV: Mother and Baby, c. 1860-64

Mother and Baby backmark

CDV: Mother and Baby backmark

Backmark: G.N. Joss, ARTIST, Centre Block, New Philadelphia, O. Copies of this negative may be had at any time.

Date: c. 1860-64

Subject: Mother and baby

Location: Ohio, USA.

This young woman wears a one-piece dress, probably of wool.  The bodice has a low V-neck, filled in with a chemisette.  The V closes beneath the bust with a decorative ribbon bow.  The bodice appears to be belted.  The skirt is decorated with vertical rows of buttons, and a row of silk ruching is just visible at the bottom of the photograph.
The dress is trimmed with ruching and dark spots, which may be decorative buttons or part of the trim itself.
The dress may be a house-dress or wrapper. The loose fit of the bodice, very low neckline, and unusual skirt trim all support this.

Her hair is parted in the center, combed smoothly down to the curve of the crown.  Her hair is dressed wide and low, rolled away from the face, and bound with some sort of headdress.  No hairnet is visible.

She also wears a bead necklace, looped twice around the neck, and earrings.

Baby: the baby wears a white dress, gathered at the shoulders with ribbon bows, and tied at the waist with a matching ribbon sash.  The baby is old enough to be out of long gowns, but still young enough to be in non-gender-specific white gowns. Th center hair part suggests that this is a female child.

Questions: Is this a housedress?  What is she wearing on her head?