CDV: Hairnet

Girl in Hairnet, c. 1860-64

CDV: Girl in Hairnet, c. 1860-64



Backmark: F.S. Keeler, S.E. Corner Eighth & Market Streets, Philada. This Negative will be preserved for One Year. No. 637?

Subject: Young woman

This woman’s dark, straight hair is parted in the center and confined in back in a low-lying bun or twist. Her hair is covered by a hairnet covered with tiny beads at every join.
It is clear from the mass of hair at the sides that she is using fake hair. The width begins about an inch above and directly on top of her ears. The hair appear to be rolled back (away from the face) into a very thick braid or series of rolls. Note how far down her neck her hair rolls lie.

Her dress appears to be a barred (what we now call ‘widowpane’) silk. She wears a white collar basted in, about 1″ wide at the fronts with rounded edges. There is a brooch pinned where the collar meets at CF. There are decorative buttons down the front placket opening.


– What is the lacey type white thing showing at the bottom of her hair? Is it her collar sticking up, or something else?


2 Responses to “CDV: Hairnet”

  1. John Holt Says:

    I am currently writing a novel about the American Civil War. Although it is fiction I plan on including some appropriate images. In that connection I would like to include “Girl In Hairnet” – could I please have your permission

  2. Dean Robertson Says:

    I am writing about a family in Virginia and have a photograph of the matriarch of that family, taken sometime in the late 1860’s. It is hard to determine her age; she looks young, like a schoolgirl. Her dress is similar to that in your “Girl in Hairnet,” but her hair is basically unstyled, pulled straight back from her forehead and over her ears, hanging down the back. Would this have been typical for someone over, say, fifteen? I am also very interested in anything you can tell me about the photographic process. The photo I have has the same halo effect with the head and shoulders floating on the surface. Was this tintype, maybe?

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